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No Hope No Fear

Couple of things I learned this week:

1) If you are thinking to yourself “well, at least things can’t get any worse” you are gonna be disappointed

2) You are gonna be disappointed

I cannot attribute these profound realisations purely to my own experience, although my experience is conspiring to give me a pretty heady shot of ego-decimating realisation just now. Gratitude is due not only to the universe but as ever to the generosity and wisdom of Chogyam Trungpa and all who have continued to interpret and share his teachings and love.

Here’s a poem I wrote on my bicycle this morning:

No Hope No Fear
A poem for Debbie J

The world is shrouded in fog
But I have clarity
These thoughts are not my mind –
A clear, azure blue
Untainted by the murk of self-deception

The city moves
Content in its collusion
The cycling mind peddles endless drama
We suck at the story
Draining the juice
With wild eyes and gaping lips
Wrapped in a warm misty-eyed blanket
Of excrement

Now, and only now
The dream is pierced
By darts of disappointed hope
And fear of losing one more corner
Of our tiny field
This earnest life-project
We have nurtured from birth
Like good boys and girls
Only to watch it crumble and burn
Like a bad joke at a boring party

This is not all there is!
Beyond the fog
The cool autumn air waits
To touch my skin
With compassionate indifference
I am awake
Nothing to live for
But life

London fog

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