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You’ve either got them or you haven’t. No big deal. But they do change the shape of things somewhat.

As breasts are quite topical at the moment I thought I’d share my own breast-related story. Not about sunbathing topless, although I have plenty of not particularly interesting stories about that. Incidentally, why do they keep locking up the naked rambler guy? For what, just BEING? I don’t understand what the problem is with nudity. Why is it even an ity at all? It’s just what happens to be under your clothes.

Anyway my story is about breasts in clothes, or not in clothes, as the case may be. I was recently frustrated during an online shopping trip by the lack of breasts on the models in the pictures because they do change the shape of things somewhat.

I wrote the following email to Karen Millen, one of the many offenders:

I just wanted to give you some feedback about my experience of on your website. I am an average sized woman, with breasts. I have nothing against skinny women with flat chests, and I understand the usefulness of that body shape when it comes to demonstrating the art of fashion, as well as the historical development of that trend. However, when it comes to online
shopping, it is really unhelpful to see what your dresses look like on people who are extremely thin, because it’s essentially the same as looking at the dress with no one in it. What I want to see is how it would look when filled out with flesh, and in particular, some kind of feminine curves – because then I can see whether it might be flattering to me or not. If the reality is that your dresses only look good on people who are stick thin and have no breasts, then you aren’t really servicing the majority of the female population, of this country at least. My suggestion therefore, is that instead of photographing the dress with the same woman a number of times in different positions, that you photograph three different women of different sizes, both with and without ample breasts, hips etc. In this way you would actually be helping the customer to make an informed choice, rather than lulling them into a fantasy about how the dress would look, if
only they happened to be Kate Moss.
Kind regards,
Annalie Wilson

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