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Hyde Park at Sunset

Hyde Park at sunset - the best cure for depression

Tonight I went to see a performance of a brilliantly funny and quite dark German play called “The Ugly One” by Marius Von Mayenburg at the Drayton Theatre in South Kensington. On my way I decided to cycle through Hyde Park, which was extremely invigorating and totally blew away my hangover from last night, as well as its accompanying depression.

Zigzag Road

They built a zigzag road!




Then I came out of the park onto Kensington Gore and turned down into Exhibition Road, to discover an exciting development had taken place on the road surface: zigzags! I am a big fan of zigzags, which tend to feature quite a lot in road markings. It’s one of the main reasons I started driving. That and the green filter arrows. Arrows have a lot in common with zigzags, come to think of it. And both of those owe much of their appeal to the humble triangle, which I am also totally crazy about. More on that at some point, no doubt.

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